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I, hereby, declare that all the information provided by me above is true to the best of my knowledge and belief, and I am submitting this registration form to register with Exotica Group(EIPL) Projects as a Channel Partner, and I agree and shall abide by the terms and conditions specified.

Terms and Condition

1. Selection of applicants is at absolute discretion of Exotica Group(EIPL) may accept or reject the application without assigning any reason.

2. The application shall be complete in all respect and shall be accompanied by requisite documents.

3. Constitution Documents and Registration Certificates issued by CT Department/ST Authorities shall accompany the application, without which the application shall not be processed.

4. All discussion between Exotica Group (EIPL) and applicant and the information contained in the documents shall be confidential and shall not be disclosed to any except to the subsidiaries.

5. Applicant may be entitled to take back the documents submitted within 45 days of submission, thereafter which they will be destroyed.

6. The Applicant confirms that he/she/it is not involved in any economic offences, tax default or moral turpitude.